My Prenatal Vitamins

I had a really hard time swallowing vitamins during my first trimester. I was incredibly nauseous that I even hated chewing and tasting gummy vitamins! I tried a few different bottles, both food-based and synthetic and I found 4 that I enjoy and can tolerate to take on a daily basis. I really do not … Continue reading My Prenatal Vitamins


Wait…I’m pregnant?!

I knew last week I was 2 weeks late for my period. Boobs were aching, I was so nauseous, and everything just smelled so foul. I couldn't take it anymore at work, so I went to the pharmacy (luckily I work at a hospital) and just but a test. During my lunch break, I told … Continue reading Wait…I’m pregnant?!

Crayon Crunch Kickstarter Launch

Some big and awesome news! For those who love personalized children's books, look no further! Crayon Crunch has started their kickstarter launch today!Crayon Crunch creates personalized children's books to encourage language development in small children. This isn't the type of book where it only features your child's name. The characters' illustration are customizable to look … Continue reading Crayon Crunch Kickstarter Launch